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About Us

BBE is a company dedicated to developing engineering solutions, based on recent tools and technologies, strongly dedicated to the molds production industry and the plastic injection of parts. From its activity in the market, solid relations with the customers are generated, creating communication strategies that allow to monetize each project.
The dedication, accuracy and quality are considered driving guidelines of its growth, strengthening the propensity to continuous improvement.

The main areas of focus are the development, analysis and design, presenting as fundamental skills the realization of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) as fundamental skills, Design and Redesign of products, prototype manufacturing molds, metal and plastic sintering, thermography, among many other fundamental services to the industry in which operates.

The clients diversity allowed BBE to enlarge its area of operation, namely on the development of grippers and automations, strengthening its activity. With a team of multidisciplinary professionals from different areas of Engineering, such as Mechanical, Biomechanic, Industrial, Electrical and Computing, reflecting its performance in a flexible approach to the challenges posed by its customers.