Product Development & Engineering

The entire conception and development of a piece, since the prototype to the final solution, is considered has one of the main activity areas of BBE. (...)

CAE Analysis

Using mathematical models that can simulate a process in reality, computer simulation has as main function to predict potential problems that can emerge on the production of (...)

Consulting in Mold Injection

The symbiosis with its customers added to the professional and multidisciplinary team, allows BBE to provide consulting services, supporting its clients to solve problems arising from the (...)

Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling channel is a cooling passageway which follows the shape or profile of the mould core or cavity to perform rapid uniform cooling process for injection moulding or blow moulding processes. (...)

Grippers and Gabarits

The injection molding process is considered a mass production process, from where result large quantities of pieces at low price. (...)

Additive Manufacturing

BBE develops customized prototypes that seek the functionality demanded by its clients, conceiving creative solutions and, simultaneously, focused on the applicability of the final product. (...)