Laser Sintering is a technology of manufacturing addictive, layer by layer, considered as key to the e-Manufacturing technology – fast production, flexible and with a competitive cost. Directly from 3D files, any geometry can be built in an efficient and automatic way.

The possibility to produce pieces with good mechanical resistance, dimensional accuracy and surface finish, makes this technology incredibly promising and one that will grow faster in the future. The metallic pieces production, by the DMLS process, is one of the broad range services provided by BBE, having a special relationship with one of the main producers of this kind of equipments. Being the first company in Portugal to produce conformal cooling to the molds industry, BBE makes available to its customers the 5 years of know-how in this area of activity.

Metallic materials sintering

• EOS Aluminio AlSi10
• EOS CobaltChrome SP2
• EOS MaraginSteel MS1
• EOS StainlessSteel PH1

• Titanium Ti64
• EOS CobaltChrome MP1
• EOS Direct Steel H20
• EOS NickelAlloy IN718
• EOS StainlessSteel GP1

Maximum dimensions: 250x250x325 mm.