Using mathematical models that can simulate a process in reality, computer simulation has as main function to predict potential problems that can emerge on the production of products before its industrialization.


In order to obtain uniform plastic pieces with all the desired characteristics, it’s imperative that the mold filling be carefully studied and optimized. BBE develops studies of temperature, uniform filling, deformations and pressure, in order to assist the mold production, and respective injection molding process, allowing a piece with the desired quality.

The compression step is used to allow a flow into the cavity, in order to equalize the volume reduction originated by the plastic contraction, when the temperature decreases. This step is used to minimize the volumetric contraction defects, that may come up during the filling, promoting the homogenization of the plastic material injected, and consequently the final piece. Through the computer simulation, BBE provides to its clients a prediction of which pressures and times are necessary to the process step, improving the performance of the production process.

The cooling control of a mold is essential for the piece quality and to its reproducibility. BBE uses the most recent simulation tools, in order to find the most suitable cooling method, avoiding distortions and obtaining the most efficient process.

During the production process of a piece, it can be unusable by the warping and distortions that may happen. In the most case situations, these are provided by the irregular contraction analysis and the existing thermal gradient between the sleeve and the cavity. Through a detailed analysis of the structure and process production, it is possible to correct and avoid these situations. BBE presents engineering solutions that allow to predict possible issues that may arise from the processing, lowering the risk of obtaining non-conforming pieces.


The structure of a piece is directly influenced by its function, and its costs and production time. At BBE is possible to strictly analyze and optimize each piece, ensuring its profitability and competitiveness. Structural analysis, efforts analysis and deformation analysis, are some of the services that BBE offers and enables the production of pieces with high quality and performance.


The use of MAGMA considerably reduces the costs and time of production, since it allows the user to avoid construction problems and produce higher quality metal pieces. It is possible to simulate many types of materials (iron, aluminum or various steels), predict defects (turbulence, oxidation, porosity or contraction) and production increase (waste reduction, cycle time or increase the life time of the mold).

The MAGMA presents itself as a highly efficient tool in the aluminum injection simulation of high pressure or gravity molds. Using MAGMA it’s possible to predict the filling, solidification and cooling of this type of molds, and detect multiple problems that such a sensitive process may have.

Thus becomes an essential tool to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of such products. The use of this type of simulation promotes the consumers increase, motivated by the presentation of pieces with higher quality and faster.