The symbiosis with its customers added to the professional and multidisciplinary team, allows BBE to provide consulting services, supporting its clients to solve problems arising from the processing, which often surprises the technicians who are operating the molds. In order to get solution more profitable to its customers, BBE assists them to optimize the production process, by presenting solutions to fix defects on the plastic pieces.

Material Selection
Considered as one of the essential points, the material selection has an important role on the proper performance of the plastic pieces. The plastic properties are mainly defined by the organic polymer chemistry, organic solvents, oxidation and ionizing radiation, strongly influencing the plastic pieces performance. The extensive experience in this area allows BBE to support its customers in the choice of the proper material to the piece that is intended to produce in order to adjust the product to their needs.

Technical Manufacturing / Production Cost Assessment
The industrialization of new products is another of the BBE activity area, where analyses characteristics of the products and identifies the most profitable productive process, presenting solutions to production lines, targeting the profitability of the productive process.